Greetings Ponte Vedra!

Hello visitors from the Florida Writers Association and the Ponte Vedra library!

As I’m writing this on Friday night, thanks in advance for spending part of your Saturday with us. Many thanks to Vic DiGenti for inviting me

Here are the links referred to in my presentation, and please chime in the comments section if you have any suggestions to share–

Maureen McHugh’s Dark Night of the Soul (er, Process of Writing a Novel) – Joanna Penn’s incredibly awesome site. Also check out her book Business For Authors

Jane Friedman’s Resources for Writers – Jane’s a great speaker and presenter

Author E.M.S. – for help with just about everything

KDP Plus – tracking made easier

Kristine Kathryn Rusch offers immensely useful business advice

Available now for pre-order on iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Tolino:


I wish you the very best in your publishing adventures and hope to see you again soon —

Best wishes,

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